Useful Apps for Solo Entrepreneurs!

5 of the most useful apps for solo entrepreneurs

So many useful things on the internet, right? But you can spend a lot of time down the rabbit hole trying to figure out what will save you precious time and money. Here we have compiled a list of five incredibly useful apps for solo entrepreneurs. Check the list to see if there’s anything you’re missing.


Sync with Square app for QuickBooks

Do you already use Square and QuickBooks? Then you’re already winning, but unless you’re one of those rare individuals who could happily spend all day bookkeeping, this is going to make running your business even better. Sync with Square app for QuickBooks monitors your Square account for different transactions, such as sales, refunds, taxes, tips, and discounts. At the end of each day, every sale recorded in Square is automatically imported into QuickBooks Online as an invoice. Details of the invoice, such as the item and the quantity sold, applied discounts, shipping costs, and taxes, are also recorded. Any fees, such as bank deposit fees and transaction fees charged by Square are also imported to accurately reflect your accounts. You can even import the last 18 months of transactions from your Square account.

Pricing: The app to link Square and QuickBooks is free. If you do not currently have QuickBooks, there is a 50% off special for their monthly subscription packages, but generally, the basic package is $15/month. There is a fee per transaction when using Square.



If you sometimes can’t find a file when you’ve been emailing back and forth with someone, Dropbox is a great solution. It allows you to store up to 2GB of data for free, making it easy to manage your files by having separate folders for different clients or projects. You can also use it to back up important documents.

Pricing: Dropbox Basic comes with 2GB of space and is free. If you want more space or features, you can upgrade to Dropbox Plus ($9.99 per month), Professional ($19.99 per month), Standard ($15 per user), or Advanced ($25 per user).


Word Swag

Word Swag bills itself as “like a graphic designer in your pocket”, and asks the all-important question, “who wouldn’t want a graphic designer in their pocket?”. I must admit I was skeptical. You can only use Word Swag on mobile devices (iOS and Android), and I’m pretty used to designing on a computer. Word Swag doesn’t allow you to create endless variations, but it does what it’s designed for (adding awesome text to your photos in seconds) extremely well. Need to whack a quick caption on something and upload it to Instagram? It could literally take you seconds to create something spectacular.

Pricing: A one-off price of $4.99.



MileIQ is like the Tinder of apps to keep track of your mileage. Seriously. You swipe left for personal drives and right for business trips. Could that be any easier? Even better than that, once MileIQ is installed, it works in the background – there is an option to turn it off. You don’t have to remember to turn it on or off, it just automatically tracks your mileage. It stores your information in the Cloud, and you can spit out a report anytime.

Pricing: If you have an Office 365 Business or Business Premium subscription, MileIQ Premium is included at no additional cost. Otherwise, the premium version is $5.99 monthly or billed annually at $59.99. The basic version is free and covers up to 40 drives per month.



Again, if you’re out and about, Wunderlist is a great app to have on your phone. It lets you write out all your tasks, set reminders and basically manage all the things on your to-do lists. You can also send them to your team members and have a conversation with them by commenting on items in your lists.

Pricing: The pro version has just become part of the free version, so you can now access all the features of this app for zilch.


Are there apps you hadn’t considered in this list? Or is it missing an app you cannot live without Let us know! We’d love to know what works for you.

And remember, Creative Assistants Consulting is here for all your administrative needs. Book a free call to see what we can do for your business.



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