Lessons Learnt from our Dogs

Over the last month or so  I have been blogging about online tools used by small business owners. This week I would like to take a lighter approach and talk about what we can learn from our dogs! Yes, we can learn a thing or two from our beloved pets! I myself am the owner of two handsome pups, who are amazing companions that help me unwind after a busy day of work. They are also very forgiving when I do not get to play with them all day long! There are many lessons we can learn from paying attention to our dogs’ behaviors.  Here are some lessons learnt from our dogs.

  1. Wake up happy and grateful for the day

Dogs do not roll out of their beds grumpy, irritable and needing a cup of coffee to get going. After a good long stretch, your little furry friend is soon happily wagging his tail. He is grateful for what the day ahead has in store for him. (Side note – definitely not saying to give up coffee! I’m a coffee lover!)

  1. Get some Vitamin D

He loves being outside and relishes the fresh sunlight and crisp air. He knows that being outside is good for their health as it boosts their energy levels.

  1. Hit the road running

Have you ever taken a dog for a walk who prefers to amble along slowly? Probably not. Dogs are always ready to hit the road running! They do not hesitate. Their enthusiasm and readiness have them bolting out the door. In the same vein when we commit to doing something, we should get our plans in place as soon as possible so we can hit the road running at full speed!

  1. Persistence pays off

Another wonderful trait these canine friends have is persistence. When your dog wants you to throw that ball, he will let you know over and over and over again that you should throw the ball! He is relentless and will keep asking you to throw that ball, with the same enthusiasm and twinkling eyes again and again. Who can resist this persistence? In the same manner, we should remember to persistently take action towards our goals over and over again until they manifest.

  1. Save your treasures for a rainy day

Your furbaby probably enjoys burying his favorite treasures all around the garden. And later on, when it is needed, he will dig them up. Just like a dog, we should save some of our treasures for a rainy day in the future. Saving is a good habit!

  1. Do a thorough due diligence

Dogs are curious creatures. When a dog encounters a new environment, he will explore the area circling around slowly and inspecting all the nooks and corners. Similarly, when a new person or fellow dog approaches him, he will take his time and give them a good sniff to get a real sense of their being. Just like dogs we should always do a thorough due diligence and ask plenty of questions when we are faced with the unfamiliar. We should trust our instincts and listen to our sixth sense.

  1. Take time to play

Dogs have a youthful approach to life. They are social creatures, love to play, and are open to making new friends and having fun. We should always remember to take the time to play, laugh and surround ourselves with positive people and experiences!

  1. Rest when you’re exhausted

When a dog is exhausted, he will stop, lie down and fall asleep, wherever he may be! Dogs love napping. They know that they need their sleep, in order to recharge their batteries. Just like dogs we need to stop and rest when we are tired. We should take plenty of breaks and do this instead of pushing ourselves to a breaking point. We should not neglect our sleep and aim for a full night’s shut-eye. Our productivity increases when we are well rested.

I’m grateful I have my boys to remind me to live a balanced life. Do you have any pets who remind you of life lessons? Please do share with us!

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