Online Appointment and Calendars!

Online Calendars to Schedule your Time Smartly!

We have been using different methods to keep track of time since ancient eras. More recently we evolved from tracking our time with paper calendars to an online calendar version. Calendars are one of those things that every person and business owner needs! Here is our pick of online calendar and appointment scheduling tools.

Google Calendar

Free and easy to use! You can set up events (or meetings) and invite people to these via email. You can add a location map or a note to the event. You can even set notifications for reminders 10 minutes before the meeting. A task pane allows you to take notes about your meeting. Time zone enables you to see different meeting times in different countries. Google Basic is free; the G Suite Business version is $10 per month. The Business version has delegation ability, added security and unlimited storage space. In schedule view, you can see your co-workers calendar side by side with yours.


Calendly is great for multiple calendars and scheduling. You can instantly see colleagues’ open times available to schedule meetings, instead of wasting your own time searching for an available time slot! Calendly also allows for setting reminders before your meeting. The app detects time zones across regions. And you can request information in relation to the meeting such as an agenda. It works on all devices and Calendly integrates easily with other calendars like Google Calendar and Microsoft Office. The Basic version is free, Premium costs $8 per month and Pro costs $12 per month. Pro has features such as SMS notification, redirect and integration with Paypal and Stripe.


Cozi is a family organizer application, which includes an online calendar, as well as to-do lists, shopping lists, recipe ideas, meal planners and a family journal! The calendar is color coded for different family members. Cozi can be used with other popular calendar programs, such as Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple Calendar. Cozi Gold is the advert free version which also offers additional support. This version costs $19.99 per annum.


Doodle is an online calendar application aimed at family & friends (Free version), casual organizers (Private version) or busy professionals (Business version). Private costs €43 per year. It is free from adverts, you can send reminders and request additional information. Business costs €59 per year and includes advanced branding and customised invites for your own business.


Teamup is a shared online calendar application ideal for groups of co-workers or collaborators. It allows you to brand with your own logo. The Free version does not require an account login, you can get access anywhere and easily set up meetings. It displays color-coded sub-calendars, 8 of these on the Free version. Teamup Plus has password protection, allows you to create 12 sub-calendars and stores 5 years’ worth of history. This version costs $8 per month. You can also activate the daily agenda feature and receive an email every morning with your schedule. Teamup Premium costs $20 per month. It allows for file and image uploads with 50 sub-calendars and storage up to 10 years.


Acuity is an appointment scheduling tool which displays clients’ real-time availability. It integrates easily with many other popular calendars such as Google, Office, and iCalendar. The app enables branding, customized follow-ups and onboarding so is great for businesses that are just starting out. There is a Basic free version, an Emerging Entrepreneur version costing $15 per month, and a Growing Business version of $25 per month. With the Growing version, you can sell subscriptions, memberships, or offer payment plans for packages. Acuity is integrated with over 500 apps through Zapier and accepts payments from Paypal, Stripe, Square, Braintree, and A neat feature is that clients are given the option to tip in Acuity. There is also advanced reporting about appointments, no-shows, and performance metrics in all of the paid plans.


Appointy is an appointment scheduling software typically used by small businesses and freelancers. It syncs easily with Google calendar as well as social media like Facebook. You are able to schedule up to 100 appointments per month on the free version. Pro costs $19.99 per month and users have access to live chat and email support. Pro also accept payments through Stripe, Paypal and The Business version costs $49.99 per month and receives a dedicated customer relationship manager.


TimeTap is an appointment scheduling software tool for small businesses. It is a powerful application that has been rated highly in terms of tech support and ease of use. It offers plenty of customization and top features for your business. It includes two-way calendar sync, text message reminders, automated waitlist, custom pre-booking forms, file uploads, shared rooms, payments, multi-day courses or seminars. Depending on the number of staff and locations, the professional version ranges from $17.95 to $26.95 per month. The business version ranges from $35.95 to $53.95 per month.

These online calendar and appointment scheduling tools are sure to meet your growing business needs, keep you organized and on time for every meeting! Which one is your favorite calendar application? How have you experienced the above online calendars? We’d love to hear from you.


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